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The Following Advertisers Have Purchased Ads in The Florida Beekeeper, the official newsletter of the Florida State Beekeepers Association.

We thank them for their support and urge the membership to patronize them.

2012 - 2013 ADVERTISERS
(in alphabetical order)

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A&O Forklift
American Beekeeping Federation
American Honey Producers Assn.
Apalachee Beekeepers Assn
Apis Enterprises
Bee Culture Magazine
Beekeepers Association of Southwest Florida
Beekeepers of Putnam County
Beekeeping Insurance Services
Bees Free
Beetle Blaster
Buzy Bee Honey
Councell Farms
D & J Apiary, Inc.
Dadant & Sons, Jerry Latner
David Adams Honey Co.
Deb's Bee Supply
Del Signore Apiaries
Dutch Gold Honey
Escarosa Beekeepers Association
Florida Farm Bureau
Gamber Container, Inc.
Hackenberg Apiaries
Headwaters Farm, Inc.
Hives and More (Part 1) (Part 2)
J & P Apiary
Jacksonville Beekeepers Association
Jawadis Group
Jester Bee Co.
K & W Apiary
Kelley's Apiaries
Kona Queen
Mann Lake, Ltd.
McCoy's Sunny South Apiaries
Medivet Pharmaceuticals
Merritt Apiaries
Miksa Honey Farms
Millie Bee
North East Florida Honey Bee Assn.
North Escambia Beekeepers Assn.
Olivarez Honey Bees
Palm Beach County Beekeepers Assn.
Ridge Beekeepers Association
Rossman Apiaries
Shastina Millwork
Suncoast Beekeepers Association
Tampa Bay Beekeepers Association
Tropical Blossom Honey Co.
Tupelo Beekeeping Association
Ursula Westervelt Copper Art
Walter T. Kelley Co.
Webb's Honey and Pollination Service
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Florida State Beekeepers Association
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Click on small versions of Advertisements above to view larger versions or to play/watch slideshow of all advertisements.

Florida State Beekeepers Association
Also visit:
Florida Market Bulletin Classified Ads: "Bees & Equipment FOR SALE"

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