MISSION and PURPOSE, Florida State Beekeepers Association


Our mission is to provide resources for the improvement of Beekeeping using proven techniques and procedures in the management of Honeybees and to share this knowledge with everyone interested in the Art of Beekeeping.

  • The development and promotion of practical beekeeping methods in the state of Florida.

  • To act in the interest of the beekeepers of Florida in protecting and carrying on statewide beekeeping affairs.

  • To act as a medium for, and an aid in cooperative and mutual beekeeping methods.

  • To act as the representative of the Florida beekeepers in State and National beekeeping and legislative matters

The Florida State Beekeepers Association is dedicated to keeping Florida apiculture strong and healthy in the new millennium.

The Association is the major lobbying force for the state's beekeeping industry and works with the University of Florida's Institute of Food, Agricultural Sciences (IFAS), Florida Farm Bureau and the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Division of Plant Industry's Apiary Inspection program, through which all honey bee colonies in Florida are required to be registered by law.

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Florida State Beekeepers Association
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