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APIS Newsletter
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Bee Culture's
Catch the Buzz

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Beltsville Bee Laboratory and the ARS Bee Bibliography

Who's who in Apiculture from Bee Culture Magazine

Florida Apiary Inspection

The American Beekeeping Federation 

The National Organic Program

National Honey Board

University of Florida - Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences

Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

Bad Beekeeping:  Check out the 500 links to bee web pages


Bee Friendlier

Cornell University Phillips Digital Collection at the Mann Library (supported by generous gifts from the Tampa Bay Beekeepers Association).

Honey Bee Research and Extension Laboratory

Apis Information Resource Center

Best Management Practices for
Maintaining EHB Colonies
Africanized Honey Bee (AHB)
APIARY Inspection Links to Melitto files
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What's the BUZZ on BEES?
Honeybee Education Program
Lessons for Grades K-5
Large File: 85 MB file (75 pages)

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