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FSBA Florida Honey Queen Crowned - Susannah

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2013 Florida Honey Queen

The Florida State Beekeepers Association is proud to announce the 2013 Florida Honey Queen Susannah .

Queen Susannah performed the duties of Honey Queen for the Orange Blossom Beekeepers Association (OBBA) for 2012. While holding this title, she attended more than 20 events, including the Florida State Fair, the Orange County Fair, numerous 4-H meetings and schools, from kindergarten to high school.

Hundreds of children and adults were present during her appearances and benefited from her knowledge of bees, beekeeping and honey. She brought actual beekeeping equipment, such as smoker, veil, hive tool, as well as printed materials showing life sized photograph of bees and the inside of a bee hive. Queen Susannah handed out cards developed by her with recipes and "fun facts" on bees to all participants.

At last August's "Honey Bee Appreciation Day" held at the Orange County Extension office in Orlando, Queen Susannah made dipping sauces and salad dressings out of honey to give attendees a little taste of how honey can be used in every day menus. Honey sales doubled because of her recipes.

Queen Susannah is attending college, at the University of Central Florida majoring in Environmental Science with a goal of attaining a Ph.D. in the coming years. She is looking forward to working hard for FSBA at he State Honey Queen and hopes to compete in the National Challenge at the American Beekeeping Federation's 2014 convention.

If you are planning an event, and would like your State Honey Queen present, please contact Beth Fox at FlaHQP@aol.com or 407-702-2853 to make arrangements for Queen Susannah to attend.

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Update:  Savannah went on to become American Honey Queen in 2014

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