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Florida State Beekeepers Association
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Florida State Beekeepers Association

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Florida State Beekeepers Association

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Florida State Beekeepers Association

Calendar of Events

Global Event Calendar

The Global Event Calendar contains beekeeping activities not only in Florida, but elsewhere. Many local events will no longer be found or listed individually here on our main HOME PAGE, but may be available on the EVENTS and CALENDAR page and/or under each applicable local association on our LOCAL ASSOCIATIONS page.  

For facts about out association, please visit our WELCOME / ABOUT US page.

Florida State Beekeepers Association

USF Botanical Gardens
2014 - 2015 Beekeeping Class Workshops:  Brochure

USF Botanical Garden Beekeepers, Laurie Walker - Director
12210 USF Pine Dr, Tampa, FL 33620 ~ (813) 974-2329

Beekeeping Classes are held on 3rd Saturday of the month from 10 am - 12:30 pm.  Additional functions and events will be announced.  Bee Yard on grounds.  Best management Practices followed.  In-house Honey extraction.  FSBA membership encouraged.

Florida State Beekeepers Association

The FSBA Reformation Continues
New Board of Managers & Governing Documents

The following is a combination synopsis/condensed version of an excerpt from the newsletter which was sent out on March 25, 2014 from our Executive Secretary, Dr. Malcolm Sanford:

Adoption of new governing documents (Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws) replaces our former Constitution and Bylaws.  This results in the replacement of our former board of managers with a new BOM.

The new documents call for a board of managers of only ten (10). These will be selected based on redistricting the state into six (6) regions, plus three (3) executive members and one (1) at-large member.

The first drawing of district lines of the six (6) FSBA regions has been proposed for the purpose of establishing an new BOM and this initial map can be as found on the Florida map. The new BOM can or may reapportion the districts as desired.

At the same time, the selection of an at-large member will also be an important part of the mix. This new position will be elected by the BOM.

At this time, decision-making rests with the officers, President, Vice President and Immediate Past President. It is the desire of the officers to move quickly to establish the BOM. If you have questions you may contact President Nolan directly at e-mail:          tom@floridabeekeepers.org.  ...read more (the full newsletter available to members only)

Florida State Beekeepers Association

The Palm Beach County Beekeepers hosted the Florida State Beekeepers Association's 94th Annual FALL CONVENTION, on October 2 - 4, 2014.  It was a HUGE success!!

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Florida State Beekeepers Association

The following is a combination synopsis/condensed version of an excerpt from the newsletter which was sent out on March 25, 2014 from our Executive Secretary, Dr. Malcolm Sanford:

Working for a new Honey Bee Laboratory

There was a sizeable group of FSBA members in Tallahassee the first of the week promoting the Association's initiative to develop support for a $3.5 million revamped honey bee research and laboratory facility at the University of Florida (IFAS). As part of that effort, the Association contracted with Florida Tax Watch Florida Tax Watch to develop an economic analysis of what this might mean to the state's economy:

Special Report (Economic Impact Evaluation of a Proposed Honeybee Research and Extension Laboratory in Florida, March 2014) View or Download this colorful report in pdf format.

...read more in the newsletter about the importance of the lab and this study.  In conclusion, the expected return to the state for investing in a modern bee research and extension laboratory is positive for agricultural producers, Florida consumers, and the Florida budget.

The measure now sits in the Senate Budget Committee and is expected to be part of conference deliberations. Stay tuned!

Florida State Beekeepers Association

Recipe from the kitchen of Chris Stalder of the OB
Florida State Beekeepers Association

FSBA Budget

2011 - 2012

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Florida State Beekeepers Association

The Florida Beekeeper (NEWSLETTER)

The Florida Beekeeper Full Online Version
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Florida State Beekeepers Association

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The FloridaBeekeepers Forum is a place for Discussion and Sharing of Modern Beekeeping Practices and Procedures using conventional hives to practice the art and skills learned in our day-to-day endeavors...all the while enjoying the experience, with the willingness to SHARE this knowledge with everyone interested in Modern Beekeeping and Proven Management Techniques.

Florida State Beekeepers Association

How to
Reduce Bee Poisoning
from pesticides

Pacific Northwest
PNW 521

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Florida State Beekeepers Association

American Honey Queen, Susannah

Click to view larger photo

...more about Susannah

The American Beekeeping Federation is proud to announce that Susannah Austin was selected as the 2014 American Honey Queen at the North American Beekeeping Conference in Baton Rouge, LA in January or 2014. Susannah’s family began beekeeping through a 4-H project over 10 years ago.
Prior to being selected as the American Honey Queen, Susannah served as the 2013 Florida Honey Queen. In this role, she promoted the honey industry at fairs, festivals, and farmers’ markets, via media interviews, and in schools.

For a list of others who held the position as Florida Honey Queen (including those who went on to also become American Honey Queen), Woman Beekeeper of the Year, and other awards, visit our  HISTORY page.

Florida State Beekeepers Association

Florida State Beekeepers Association

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Florida State Beekeepers Association

Is Honey Without Pollen Really Honey?
read the article in The Palm Beach Post

Florida State Beekeepers Association

Florida State Beekeepers Association

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Florida State Beekeepers Association

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Florida State Beekeepers Association
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